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The Accountant General’s Department (AGD) is the nation’s Treasury and the operational Department within the Ministry of Finance and Planning, charged with facilitating and reporting on the flow of funds within the public sector.
The Accountant General is the custodian of the Consolidated Fund which was   established by Section 114 of the Constitution of Jamaica and Section 3 of the Financial Administration and Audit Act (FAA Act), and which is the principal instrument of Parliamentary control of public funds. The Accountant General, by virtue of Section 15 of the FAA Act, has responsibilities for the collection, safekeeping and proper disbursements of all sums due to and payable from the Consolidated Fund.
 The Accountant General is also the custodian of all Government properties (excluding lands) under the Crown Properties (Vesting) Act.
As a Department within the Ministry of Finance, we endeavour to demonstrate professional excellence and positive attitude in manifesting our vision of being a prudent treasury, providing exemplary service, driven by committed staff and appropriate technology. Our mission is to manage the Treasury effectively and provide a world class level of service to our customers and staff. To that end, we aim to provide accurate, timely and meaningful information to all our stakeholders, customers and staff. We also aim to demonstrate fiscal responsibility, accountability and regulatory compliance with laws, regulations and reporting requirements through technical and analytical skills and expertise in finance and accounting knowledge.
The work we do is far reaching and impacting, touching the lives of millions here in Jamaica and abroad. We provide payroll administration services for over 33,000 Government pensioners and  approximately 3,500 staff in nineteen ministries and departments;  we do management services for  8,000 loans to Government employees; we  manage and service the total public debt; we ensure that Treasury Deposits are invested in accordance with best practices; we monitor the signing of bonds under the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Act; we issue land bonds, and manage the operation and custody of the Contingencies Fund as well as other Funds.
We have entered in an exciting phase of our development as we begin to modernize our mainly manual processes and implement the first phase of the Central Treasury Management System (CTMS). Under the CTMS, all payments for goods and services by ministries, departments and agencies (MDA) will be executed by the AGD. The CTMS will assure more effective management of public financial resources by eliminating idle cash balances and reduce Government borrowings.
The AGD continues to play a key role in the development of Jamaica as we go all-out to ensure the realization of the Country’s 2030 vision.
The planning has been done. Our goals are clear. Training and re-training of staff is a work in progress and we are ready to take on the challenges and rigours of the centralized treasury and a modernized Department.
We are committed to our mandate and passionate about our mission. Our corporate and strategic plans keep us focused on our goals, strategies, priorities and values which will ensure a future that positions us as a strong Treasury.
One of our strategic objectives is to facilitate staff growth and development which we take seriously. I quote here an old Chinese proverb that says: if you want to plan for a year, grow rice; a decade, grow trees; a generation, grow people. The AGD is committed to fostering the engagement, development and values of all its employees.

Carlene Murdock FCA
Accountant General
Accountant General’s Department

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      The Accountant General's
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